Freetophome Electric Herb Grinder 1.7" Black

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Size:  1.7"
Color:  Light-Red
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About this item

  • 1 ** Updated Version: 6th generation newly aluminum metal alloy portable kitchen small electric grinders.
  • 2 ** Fast Grinding: Four-leaf stainless steel blade - high-speed motor - faster grinding, you'll get more time to do other things.
  • 3 ** Longer Life: made of high-grade metal aluminum alloy, high transparent plastic cup, easy to use and clean, act in concert with screen catcher, don't worry about it breaking or broken, friendly great for anyone who had arthritis of the hands. It would be a lifesaver for your hands and arms.
  • 4 ** Led Lamp: press switch for 3 sec to work,blue is on-start grinding,40 sec automatic stop, red is on-charging,green is on-fully charged need 2-3 hours to work 45-65 times. If blade is stuck or energy is low,automatically stop, blue flash 3 times.
  • 5 ** Travel Sized: easy to carry, replace it with these electronic grinders! Get this instead! Saves a lot of time! But not grinder seeds or beans, large or hard of the piece, Do not water washing. It's a great gadget !!!

Product Description

This is the most comprehensive chargeable grinder accessories you are looking for!


Small Portable USB Charging, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year, outdoor, travel, indoor and party the best partner anytime, anywhere.

Handheld size,1200mAh rechargeable battery.

After fully charged by 3 hours(The Green Light is on),recycled for more than 45 times.

A double-leaf stainless steel large blade.

Smart chip controls the charge or stop of the grinder.

40 seconds work safety protection, LED intelligent remind.

Most powerful of a motor with 20,000 rpm/min.

The better grind angle, fine mill, to maintain consistency.


Put small pieces into the grinder not more than 50%.

Press and hold the ON/OFF for 3 sec, the grinder start work(The Blue Light is on).

Press the switch quickly to stop work.<br>It stops automatically after 40 sec of grinding.

To start again, just press the ON/OFF for 3 sec.


Don't crush anything When recharging for the mills(The Red Light is on).

Don't unscrew the cup or charge When the grinder is working.

Please charge for crusher immediately When the Blue Light is flash, Remind you that the battery is low.

Please remove large and hard material,If the material is stuck on the blade,When the grinder suddenly stops running during crush.


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Each of your suggestions is our greatest encouragement.

That have the motivation and confidence to design better item, and provide the best service for all is our eternal belief.

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Spice grinders have come a long way from the bulky, plastic contraptions that once dominated the market, and with the advent of precision-made stainless steel machines, the humble electric model has become an essential kitchen grind tool.

** 2022 version 6th generation Four-leaf blade grinders **

This is the most comprehensive grinder you are looking for!

Small Portable USB Charging, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year, outdoor, travel, indoor, and party the best partner anytime, anywhere.

  • Suitable for grinding most common seasonings and herbs & spices, if you are getting a fine powder, you may need to experiment a few times with the capacity and number of times it can grind each time to achieve the best results.
  • Not suitable for grinding beans, seeds, or coffee, seasonings and herbs & spices that are too large or too hard may require additional disintegration into smaller pieces.

Two types of grinding methods

  • A mode: Suitable for grinding small amounts of dry soft spices.
  • B mode: Suitable for grinding and collecting a small amount of fine powder.
  • Don't put too much and too hard material at once, please.


  • 1 ** The 2022 newly updated version 6th generation aluminum metal alloy portable kitchen small electric grinders.
  • 2 ** If you use a handheld manual herbal bud ratchet grinder for herb and spice, or a bong bowl mortar and pestle set for flavoring.
  • 3 ** If you use a manual herb crusher, seasoning mill, or spice grinder.
  • 4 ** Friendly great for anyone who has arthritis of the hands. it would be a lifesaver for your hands and arms. Please replace them with this electronic grinder! Get this instead! Saves a lot of time!
  • 5 ** Use a cotton cloth or brush and alcohol to clean the blade and grinder, cool, and dry. Put small pieces of material into the grinder not more than 50%.
  • 6 ** Easy to use and clean, It's a great gadget! Please activate your item After-sales service plan.
  • 7 ** Act in concert with the pollen catcher, don't worry about it breaking or broken.
  • 8 ** Not all car USB charging ports can charge the grinder. If the voltage of the car's USB port is too high, it may cause irreversible damage to the grinder, so that it cannot be started or charged.
  • 9 ** We recommend an AC plug to connect to a USB cable for charging.
  • 10 ** Please do not grind too much and hard at one time, because too much or too hard material will jam the blade, and the grinder will automatically stop work, Do not put in more than half of the material, and do not grind too hard material ( For example soybean, etc).
  • 11 ** Not suitable for grinding coffee beans, most can only be ground, not a fine powder.
  • 12 ** Please do not compare with large high-power electronic grinders or hand grinders with fixed plugs in the kitchen.
  • 13 ** Do not wash the grinder with water, keep it out of reach of children and pets, please.
  • 14 ** Please understand in detail whether the function of the grinder matches your needs before purchasing, please do not return it at will, if you have any questions, you can contact the After-sales service representative at any time, please believe that we can solve your problem, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to feedback.
  • 15 ** If you don't use it for a long time, please fully charge the grinder, please keep it at room temperature, and don't place it in a place where the temperature is too high.

After-sales Service:

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